Welcome to the course on using the Braille Note Touch Plus. This course will walk you through using the device and its many functions. Knowledge of Braille is advised, but not required to use the machine, as speech and visuals are included, as well as a way to turn off accessibility features.
Getting started with Braille Blaster
This tutorial is designed to take users brand-new to DBT through a step-by-step process of producing braille. While you may be tempted to jump around within the tutorial, we encourage you to go through it in sequence -- as each section draws upon information taught in previous sections. For sighted users, we also encourage you to pay close attention to illustrations, as they provide special cues on how to use DBT. For more information on using DBT, you can also check out the User's Guide or the Topical How-To Guide, both of which are available under the DBT "Help" menu. However, the tutorial does give some suggestions which people already familiar with the program may also find useful.