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White Cane day

This is the email everyone has been waiting for, we have our logo, we have our dates, we have our t-shirt design, we even have a flyer, now we just need YOU!!! Register today and share, share and share this email with everyone you know, let's make this the biggest year ever and get everyone pumped for our 10th Anniversary extravaganza next year

T-Shirt Design long description in emailOur logo and T-Shirt Design is from Auburn University's vendor Tiger Town Embroidery and Screen Printing. It is a light blue shirt with the White Cane Day 2021 logo on it.

The White Cane Day 2021 Logo is Aubie the Tiger holding a white cane with a dotted circle around him, around the circle are the words "WHITE CANE DAY" in dark blue, and "twenty-twenty-one", "Oct. 15, 2021 / Feb. 19, 2022" in orange. below everything are the AIDB, Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind Deaf. Blind. Limitless. logo, the Auburn University Special Projects & Initiatives logo, and the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation logo all in white. Each one costs only $10.00 USD payment information will be in a later email.

The online event this year will be hosted on the ADRS TV YouTube channel

Leading up to the event we will be posting videos and updates on the Alabama White Cane Day Facebook Page and the ADRS Facebook Page.

We are still needing participants to be recorded. If you are blind or visually impaired and use a white cane or a guide dog please contact Bill Adams or by phone/text to be recorded for this year’s online event. We are looking for consumers, organization members, students, and Veterans from all around Alabama to be featured in this year’s event.

We would also like to showcase our wonderful organizations and some noteworthy individuals in our state, and we are asking you to reach out to Kellee Sanchez to help record your groups presentation or a special recognition program for a person with vision loss you would like to spotlight.

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