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by Devin Prater -
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This month, there have been several happenings at Apple. First, the Apple Event saw the release of the iPhone, and news that Appleā€™s TV Plus and Arcade services will be $4 per month for each service, even better than Disney Plus, which will be $7 per month. The iPhone 11 will have two cameras, spacial audio, and the newer, faster A13 CPU. The iPhone 11 Pro will have 3 cameras, and all other features of the 11. There is now a refresh of the iPad, as well. The Apple Watch series five was also released, with a display that is always on, which will be good for low vision people.

iOS 13 is released, but you may want to wait for 13.1, coming out on the 24Th of September, because there are some bugs that will be fixed. Also released alongside iOS13 is Apple Arcade, which contains 75+ video games that can be played on an iPhone, iPod Touch (7th generation), and on September 24th, an iPad and Apple TV, and later this fall, the Mac. These games, so far, cannot be played by totally blind Apple users, but people with low vision may enjoy them. They can be played either on the touchscreen, or by using a PS4, Xbox, or Made for iPhone game controller.

Also on September 19, the Fifth version of WatchOS was released. This brings the ability to play audio books on the watch, detect if sound around you is too loud, along with other features. For VoiceOver users, one can now change the speed of Taptic time, the feature that allows blind people to check the time without speech or sound.