Distant Learning Sites and Apps

Distant Learning Sites and Apps

by Joel Stephens -
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As we do more work from home, there are a few websites and apps that will help us be more productive. Our primary method of communication will be through email, so please be sure and check your email at least twice a day.


  • Moodle - You are here. ;) We will assign most of our courses in Moodle.

  • Gmail - We use G Suite here, but whatever system you use for email will be fine.

  • Google Calendar - Calendar use is important in this class. You don't have to use Google, but you need to use a calendar.

  • Google Classroom - We use Google Classroom for some of our courses.

  • Google Meet - We hold some classes in Google Meet.

  • Zoom - While others use Zoom.

  • Matrix - Our chat room. There are several good clients, we recommend Element


These apps will also prove to be handy. If you do not yet have the skills to download and use apps on a smartphone, you will receive help to get started.



Office Hours

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 3:30 PM. You can contact us anytime, but we may not respond outside of office hours.